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Essays24.org is working 24/7 for the clients' satisfaction. We have been on the academic essay writing market for five years. All this period of time we have been improving our services. Therefore, our clients are eligible for a refund in a wide range of cases. We do understand that there might appear some misunderstanding between the customer and the writer during the cooperation process that is why we have developed the detailed Money Back policy to assure you that you can rely on us any time.

However, the level of clients' satisfaction rate is around 97%.

If you face any problems with your order, feel free to contact our support team and they will be more than glad to assist you. You can contact them via chat, leave a message on the order page or send an email.

You money back request will be considered by our Manager right away, however in some cases it might take up to 14 days in order to investigate the order carefully. The Manager will make sure that the best solution is found and both sides are satisfied.

Below you can find a list of situations when you are eligible to request your money back:

  1. You have made the payment twice. Sometimes it happens that our clients pay for one order two times. If such situation took place, you should get in touch with our Support Representatives and inform about your double payment. We will return you 100% of the amount paid. The same solution will be implied to a client in case of placing two identical orders, but only if the writer has not started working on the identical order.
  2. Impossible to find a writer. We have a database of around 700 writers available for completing your assignments. However in some cases we are not able to find a qualified specialist if the requested assignment is too complicated. In such situation you will be informed shortly and 100% of the paid amount will be refunded. In addition, you will be granted with a discount for your future order with us.
  3. The same situation may happen with the revision requests. If we cannot find a writer for making the revision, you will be informed shortly and 15-50% of the paid amount will be refunded. The amount of refund will be determined by our Manager upon the situation with the order. Your case will be resolved shortly.

  4. You've received the completed order after the deadline. If such case happens we will determine the reason why the deadline was not met. Sometimes our clients do not provide the needed materials for completing the assignment in time/ do not provide the needed additional payment per paper instructions. For such cases 100% money refund will be issued only if we put the order on hold and the writer has not started working on the order.
  5. In case the writer started working on the assignment, meanwhile he was waiting for the clarification from your side and was not able to complete the order on time; the refund will not be issued, as it was not our responsibility. Therefore, please make sure that you've provided our writer with the needed materials for delivering your order on time.

    If the reason of lateness was our fault, your payment will be recalculated. Let's say you've ordered 24 hours delivery and we are 20 minutes late, we will recalculate the price, as for 48 hours deadline. What is more we will issue a partial refund or you can save the recalculated difference on your personal account on our website and use it for your future order with us. In addition, we will assign you the best writer on the website for the next order for free.

    If the writer is facing some difficulties with the paper delivery, he may request additional time from you. In such case we will inform you beforehand for sure.

  6. If we deliver the revision later than the revision deadline, our clients will be able to request 15% money refund. Any way, our Manager will review the request shortly and will offer the most appropriate decision. We deal with each client individually in order to provide you with the better solution.
  7. If you are not satisfied with the quality of your final paper, contact our Support Representatives and they will forward your case to our Manager. The order will be investigated and the issue will be resolved. We always use individual approaches to all our clients. Our Manager can provide you with a refund up to 100%. All mistakes, errors and instructions mentioned by you will be checked accordingly. Our Manager is highly experienced specialist, therefore before sending your request, please, make sure that the reasons are strong and valid.
  8. If you have decided to cancel your order, as it may happen due to the various reasons (your Professor has canceled an assignment, you have completed the paper by yourself, etc.), there are three options for the money refund.
  9. We can give you 100% refund if the order was cancelled before assigning the writer. If the writer has been already assigned and less than half of the deadline has passed, we can refund you around 70% of the price. In case more than half of the agreed deadline has passed, we are ready to refund you around 30%. If the paper was written ahead of the deadline, no refund will be available.

  10. We check all papers with professional plagiarism checker. If you want to make sure that your paper is original, you can order our extra feature "plagiarism report". If you claim that your final paper was plagiarized, you should provide us with the valid official plagiarism report from your professor or a Turnitin system and we will refund you 100% of the price you paid. Other plagiarism reports will not be accepted.
  11. If you have selected our additional features, they are non-refundable, i.e. VIP Support, as the support of your personal VIP Manager has been used while processing your order; Plagiarism report, if it has been generated and delivered to you and there were no plagiarism in the paper; Abstract page, if it has been included in the paper.
  12. All additional fees charged by the payment systems are non-refundable as well, i.e. VAT.
  13. You are eligible to request all kinds of refunds (full or partial) within 10 days' time frame after your deadline. If requests are sent later this deadline, they will not be reviewed.

Please, be aware that we do not guarantee any particular grade, that is why you are not allowed to send us your refund request if you have received the grade lower than expected, as different Professors estimate assignments according to their vision subjectively.

Moreover, after requesting a full refund, you automatically confirm that you are renouncing your rights on the work we have done for you. We will publish the paper on our website, which means that the paper content will be linked to the website of our company.

We encourage you to contact our support team for additional advice or clarification. We will check your case and come up with the best solution shortly!

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